16 December 2014 (Peshawar School Massacre) : Pages from my Diary !

I was just recalling the events that took place on 16 December 2014. It was surly a Black Day in the history of mankind. Innocent children were massacred in their own school.

I remember, I was in University that day. After my Zahur Salah, at around 1:15 PM , I went to my University cafe to drink tea.

I had a strange vibe that day. A bad feeling, but couldn’t say fro sure what ! When I entered the cafe, the T.V was on, News Channel was reporting the Peshawar Incident.

When I first saw the news, I didn’t pay attention, Breaking news is not very uncommon in Pakistan, and most of us Pakistanis are used to always hearing bad news from TV.

However when I sat down close to my friend who was watching the news, did I come to know about the severity of the situation. He told me what happened.

They have attacked a school in Peshawar !!! Army Public School has been attacked !!! How could they? How can someone take lives of innocent children? The News says that more than a 100 children have been shot dead. Most of them shot in the head. How could any human being do this?

After some time, the reality of the situation socked in, and I forgot about my Engineering Economics class. So many things were going through my mind. For more than an hour, I sat there watching the news in silence. Stunned from the fact that, here I was sitting safely in my University – Military College of Signals Rawalpindi – and only a little more than 200 KM away from me, in Army Public school in Peshawar, children were being brutally massacred by these terrorist animals.

It was a message from my friend, on my mobile phone that brought me back to my senses. He told me that our teacher was taking a Quiz and that I better reach class quickly.

I got up, trying to clear my head, ran and reached class, and sat for the Quiz. But soon I realized that I just could not take my mind off of what was going on in Peshawar. I got up, gave the blank sheet to my teacher and was about to walk out of the class, when the teacher asked me the reason why I was handing in the Quiz empty.

It was then when I spoke:

Do you know more than a 100 children have been killed in Peshawar ?

That was all that I could say, my eyes filled up. To hide my tears, I just looked away and left the class. Headed back to my hostel.

I was in a state of depression. When I got to my room, I lay down on my bed, with a blanket over me. My mind lost in deep thought. I was sad for what was going on in my country. For how the families of the victims would be going through.

I was told that a few of the students from my college, had little brothers / sisters who were there in APS, when this attack took place. I was horrified for them. I also have a younger brother, and I started to think what my situation would have been if something would have happened to him.

Somebody correctly said :

The Smallest graves are the Heaviest !

I started thinking about the parents of those children, and then of my parents. Started to feel home sick. Think about them, at least I have a home where I can return to. Think about how many homes these monsters destroyed.

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