Hey Muslims! Sharing Anti-Muslim Propaganda would not help the Muslim Cause!

Today I am writing this article to address an issue by which I have been hurt time and again and the worst part of it is, at times by the people I know and love.

There is this rising trend that I just noticed recently, of people sharing hurtful anti-Muslim images and propaganda, themselves thinking of creating awareness and giving it titles or descriptions like:”Look what they are doing. Share this image for the love of God and his messenger ” or like : “Forward this image so much that the real culprits are caught”.

I don’t know if people are doing this out of ignorance or utter Stupidity, I don’t know if they are even sincere or are hypocrites, those that start posts like these and are able to convince the innocent simple minded Muslims into thinking that he or she should share such an image , it might help “the Muslim” cause in some way.

I want to make this clear that by sharing such Images, no good can ever come of it. Let me ask you a very personal question. If someone insults your family by doing something bad to them and by taking their picture and making their movie, would you go around showing those images to the rest of the world or would you prefer that no one else sees it. You wouldn’t even share those images with your family.

Images such as these are usually taken and shared by anti-Muslim bigots and haters who want to cause fear and hatred between societies and communities by hurting their core belifs and that which is close to their hearts. Thanking those same pictures and putting a spin on its description. For example like “share this in the name of God so that nothing like this would ever happen again”, does not magically make the image help the “Muslim cause”, it still is forwarding the anti-Muslim hater’s agenda. And you tend to popularize that image, making an isolated image global.

There are already many things out there that need our awareness or attention, please stop wasting time and hurting brothers or sisters like me who do not want to see hurting anti-Muslim images appear on their Facebook Dashboard.

May Allah the All mighty forgive us and guide us to the straight path. The path of those on whom he would shower his blessings, not of those who went astray. 

I pray to Allah that he guides my brothers who ignorantly share such images and to stop them doing this in the future.

And as for those who make such images and try to promote anti-Muslim hatred and hurt Muslim feelings, I curse them with the worst curse I know. I pray to Allah that he never guides them and that they die as disbelievers¬†and hypocrites, so that they will see God’s promise be fulfilled on the day of Judgement.

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