The Azan Flower !

azan flower

I saw something really amazing today, and thought that I must share it no matter what !

So here is how I came to know about it:

I was watching a video lecture by Mufti Menk of Zimbawae on the BLESSINGS OF SALAH, the Muslim 5 daily prayers. As he was giving his lecture, he shared some information about the Azan Flower. He told that, there was a documentary that came on CNN, which was on the Azan flower, it is something really amazing and not worth missing.

So after the lecture, I hurried on YouTube and typed the “Azan Flower” right away. The following was the video that popped up. Here see the Azan Flower for yourself:


If you want listen to the lecture on Blessings of Salah that I was listening to, here it is:

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