Eight dead in stampede after PTI Jalsa in Multan!

A very sad and tragic event took place today on the Friday of 10th of October 2014, after the PTI Jalsa in Multan, when a very large number of people showed up in support of Imran Khan – much more then estimated – the Chairman of Pakistan Tahreek e Insaaf. It was when Imran Khan left the Jalsa, people wanted to leave the venue. The unrest in the crowd led to pulling and pushing. The gate to the Venue which was a cricket stadium, was a small one. It was unable to let the massive number of people through. This led to people getting stuck.

Stampede at pti jalsa in multan

This was a very tragic event indeed, but who is to blame?

The PTI is blaming the government who was supposed to provide with security and assistance, the government is blaming PTI as they say what happened inside the Jalsa was not their responsibility, as per the agreement signed before hand.

It is true that both parties are at fault here, but the true culprits are the people of the crowd.

It so happens that the people of my country Pakistan, lack patience. The event that occurred today was not singular in nature. It was not something unique, especially here in Pakistan. We are a restless nation.

Do you not observe that whenever the plane lands at the airport or the bus stops at the destination, our Pakistani people are in a rush to get out, everyone wants to be the first one out, as if the first one out would get free food. They fail to realize, that no matter how quick they get off, they would still have to wait for their luggage to arrive. They forget their manners, ethics and decency. Sad but true.

Similarly you will see that when ever the traffic signal turns from green to yellow, all the cars increase their speed, and even after the signal turns red, some still try to make it. On the other hand, the people who are waiting for their signal to turn green, start passing even before their signal changes, and this usually results in traffic jams.

It seems as if everyone values their time an awful lot. No one can spare even a second. In reality, if you do a survey, everyone is still late. Our nation is one of the if not the most time wasting nations ever to exist. What we actually want is to eat and sleep all day every day.

We should learn from our mistakes. We should take lessons from this tragic event. We should practice on becoming more patient. On respecting others. Giving other way. Become the bigger man. We as a nation have to change our ways, so that we can become the nation who can fulfill the promises of our Ideology. So we can become the greatest nation of the world. We have that spark, it is just our ways we have to change.

Here is the tv footage of the Multan Tragedy:

Stampede in PTI rally in Multan by arynews

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