How to get Filthy Rich Filthy Fast

Filthy Rich Filthy Fast

It is a dream of every other person to get Filthy rich as soon as possible without any hard work. This is the basic reason why lucky draws exist and why people gamble.

There is no shortcuts in life, but still I will tell you how to start making a living. It would require persistence and hard work. In the end I will also tell you of an actual way to get Filthy Rich Filthy Fast. Feel free to skip to the end if you want to see this method.

You too can start a blog, its something very easy to do. You don’t need to know any programming for it, but if you do know some, it does help.

To get started with blogging, you can go and sign up Blogger. Its totally free and very easy to set up. Put in time and effort and you will see that soon people would start to visit your site. You can sign up for ad-sense there and by adding ads to your sites, you can start getting paid by the click. Later on when you decide to take things up a notch, you can switch over to a self-hosted wordpress site.

There are many different options when it comes to blogging. You are the one who makes the rules. I will show you examples of different successful blogs.

Personal Blogs:

Well if you like to share your thought and ideas or moments from your life, time with friends or anything you want, you should write a personal blog like me. If you want help getting started on writing posts you can always look at my previous post on how to write good blog posts ! I won’t give any example of Personal Blogs because you are on one right now!

Fashion Blogs:

If you have a good fashion sense and people admire your taste in fashion, or you are really up to date and know about what’s hot and what’s not, then you should set up a Fashion blog. What some people who make fashion blogs like to do is that they visit different famous fashion blogs and read different articles from magazines and then combine them to give their own unique taste. This is a good technique.

Example of a Fashion Blog

The fashion blog that I would recommend you to take notes from would be Outfittrends. The reason I have chosen this website is because its not made by a professional but by an ordinary person, simply by harnessing the power of wordpress.

Picture Blogs:

If you are into pictures and come across a lot of funny pictures or classy pictures or you yourself can create pictures using Photoshop or other photo editing tools, you can always make picture blogs. What you do in this is take a picture from the social media or someplace else, make sure its not copyrighted and then put it up on your post. Write a few line to describe the picture and voila.

picture blog example

Here I would like to share with you a friend’s blog site by the name of SimplyAmazingPictures. The plus point in pictures is that it is very easy for them to show up on Google searches. This can generate a lot of traffic.

Technical Blogs:

If you have some technical know how on certain subjects and can share / want to share your knowledge with others, then you can start writing a technical blog. For example if you are an expert on the subject or have high level of understanding in a certain field, you should definitely choose this. My example here would be of a person who read a lot about Search Engine Optimization, had to find things out the hard way. Finally when he did figure them out, he thought that he should share it with the world.

Example of Technical money making blogs

The name of the blog is ZagBlogOnline. This guy has a good background story that can help inspire you if you are interested in this field. Topics that are related to making good money are very popular in this field. They tend to generate a lot of traffic.

Photo Blogs:

If you have a good camera and really know how to use it, another type of blog that is really easy to update and can generate a lot of traffic is Photo Blogs. As I told you earlier, its very easy for pictures to appear on top in google images. The blog that I am going to share here with you is one run by a Mother. She adds pictures of her daughters and writes letters to them. It is a good heartwarming blog.

Photo blog example

The name of this blog is KamillaChaudhry. Subjects like natural beauty and Children along with cats and dogs, tend to catch a lot of followers. Do you know that the most watched videos on YouTube are those related to Cats.

News Blogs:

If you keep yourself up to date with whats happening in your country or in the world over, and like to share your views and opinion on the matter, you can start with a News blog.

example of news blogs

This is a blog by the name of AMJNews. Its run by a group of students. They write about different topics of interest. The problem with most News oriented blogs is that information and post tend to get outdated and obsolete. So you don’t get a lot of traffic on your older post and this blog has to be constantly updated from time to time.

Alright, getting back to business :


Do you know that Scorpion venom is the most expensive liquid in the world. Why is that?

Well, as it turns out, Scorpion venom is used in cancer research. There are very few things on earth that can be used to kill cancer cells without killing healthy cells, and Scorpion venom is one of them. Further more its also being used in other research. A lot of studies are being conducted on this matter which requires a lot of Scorpion venom. Which is not easily available, because the scorpions are very small and have only limited amount of venom.

black scorpion worth millions

Since the demand exceeds supply by an awful a lot, the price of scorpions have sky rocketed. The price of scorpion venom per gallon is $38,858,507.46 , compare this with the price of oil which is $3 per gallon. This means that if you are luck enough to see a black scorpion passing by, and you haven’t yet squashed it under your feet, then consider yourself set for life. On average, a small scorpion of around 10 – 15 grams can easily be sold at prices around $5000. The heavier the scorpion the costlier it becomes.  So get on your feet and start searching for SCORPIONS!

Otherwise give yourself a reality check and start working hard.

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