The Initial Push !


No matter what you get yourself into, or what you want to start; may it be a small business, a movie idea or a blog or may it be a religious activity such as praying five times a day, the starting is the most difficult part. One may start with a lot of enthusiasm and may think that he has a lot of passion, but as the days go by and you see very small or negligible progress, you start loosing heart. You start giving up. There would be a part of you saying that, you are not cut out for this. YOU CAN NOT DO THIS!

It is the initial push that counts. Believe me we all have this fear of failure. On top of this, we are impatient. We might think that, no this is not working out, or this is too slow and I should look into something else. This is not the path to success.

Success comes to those who Persevere.

Perseverance commands Success.

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This is such a deep phrase. Success only comes to those who struggle. I always wondered why my College – Aitchison College – used this as their motto. If you think about it, this is the only path to success. All the treasures of the world lie in this motto !

Don’t start anything without proper research but once you do start something, you have to stay motivated. Keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t even think about giving in. You should remember who you were and who you want to be. Persevere !

There are millions of examples out there, ask them and they will tell you, Success doesn’t come easy. Success doesn’t come cheap. You have to give a lot of sacrifices may they be physical or mental.

promise you this, once you pass the initial phase, its all downhill from here !

There are ways to boost your success, such as giving alms to the poor, feeding the hungry and giving back to your society in any way possible. If you have religious inclination, you should expect the help of God, if you believe in Karma, then you should expect good from it. If you don’t believe in anything, still I promise you, it will help you feel good and more at peace. Once in that position, success comes easy.

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  1. This is so motivational. Really makes me think about the things I’ve been planning to do but never got done out of fear or something. Good blog!


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